Sediment sample plan request form

To allow the NRW Permitting Service to determine whether material is suitable for dredging or disposal at sea we require the material to be sampled and analysed. This sampling and analysis must be compliant with the guidelines established by OSPAR.

We facilitate the production of a sampling plan using external advisors, and following this you will be required to carry out the sampling and analysis in line with this plan and submit the results with your application. 

Note: any subsequent marine licence application should reflect the details provided for the sample plan request below. Should any changes be made confirmation should be sought from NRW PS that the sample plan produced is still applicable. Failure to do so may result in delays, additional charge or the requirement to resample.


Applicant details *


Volume of material to be dredged (m3)


Depth of the sediment to be dredged (as opposed to the water depth to be achieved)


Description of the location (e.g. Holyhead Port)


Coordinates of the dredge area(s) (individually named areas, e.g. berths, should be detailed rather than one area)


Please also provide a GIS shapfile if possible

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