Early Help Assessment submission form

Please use this form to submit your Early Help Assessment, Progress Plan Review or Closure Summary.

Submission of your Early Help Assessment via this portal does not replace the need for a Single Point of Access referral form to be completed if you have safeguarding concerns for a child, or if you are requesting support from Achieving for Children. 

The online referral form can be found here. Within this form you will be able to upload your completed Early Help Assessment as an attached document.

If you have any queries regarding this form or the Early Help Assessment please contact earlyhelp@achievingforchildren.org.uk or call the team on 020 8547 5884.

Privacy notice
The information collected about you in this survey is collected in compliance with data protection legislation. The information is held securely by Achieving for Children for the specific purpose of this form and will not be shared with other agencies or organisations without seeking your explicit consent. For more detail, please read our privacy policy here: https://kr.afcinfo.org.uk/pages/about-us/privacy-and-data-protection