Not all felling projects require a felling licence.

Before applying check if you need a felling licence and find out what you need to consider before starting any felling work.

Larch information
Larch trees cannot be inspected for Phytophthora ramorum between 30 September and 1 April.  After 1st April you send an email to requesting a site visit so that we can inspect your larch. 

Your email must contain the following:
  • Your name and contact information
  • Who should we contact if you require notification of our visit?
  • Details of any gate codes or keys needed to access the woodland
  • Details of any health and safety issues e.g. mine workings, dogs, livestock, local shoots etc.
  • Details of any other issues we should be aware of e.g. don’t visit on Wednesdays
  • A map of the compartment(s) you wish to fell showing the location of the larch, these areas can be marked up using an X
  • A grid reference of the access point to that compartment and grid references for the location of the larch
  • The total area of the compartment and the percentage of the compartment that is larch
The Permitting Team will contact you with the result and let you know what you need to do next.

Sites of Scientific Interest (SSSI)
We recommend that you obtain advice and a SSSI consent before submitting your felling licence application.

You can find out further information about larch on our website