Survey contents

This survey contains the following sections:
  1. About you
  2. Vision and objectives
  3. Spatial concept and character areas
  4. Approaches to key aspects of the regeneration:
    • Employment, housing, community and culture
    • Pedestrian, cycle and vehicle routes
    • Height, massing, active frontages and streets
    • Green/blue infrastructure and open space
    • Sustainability, climate resilience, flood risk and health
  5. Equalities questions


The information in this survey is designed to give you an accurate summary of the proposals set out in the regeneration framework. We have paraphrased or brought together some points to keep the information brief and to leave out some technical words, so as many people as possible can give us their views. For the full text of the draft framework, please refer to the main Frome Gateway Regeneration Framework document.


Survey questions

Most of the questions are multiple choice, but in most sections we have also included a free text question where you can tell us your views in your own words. All questions are optional; you can skip any that you want, but please make sure you click ‘Finish Survey’ on the last page).

Please make sure you submit your response by 4 December 2023.