Our Big Conversation

Greater Cambridge Partnership - Big Conversation

From Monday September 25th to the end of November, we will be asking to have a 'big conversation' with you.

We are creating opportunities to have as many conversations as we can. We would like to chat to you about the Greater Cambridge growth story, how this affects you, how the Greater Cambridge Partnership could help, and most importantly, listen to your thoughts for the future of the area. 

We are opening up the conversation to make sure everyone has the opportunity to let us know their needs, have their say, and influence how their future is shaped as we look towards our future investment plans. 

Make your views count by filling in the survey below or by attending one of our events.
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1. How aware are you of the amount of growth that the Cambridge area is experiencing?


2. Which aspects of growth have been particularly noticeable to you?


3. What other aspects of growth have been noticeable to you?