I hereby volunteer to accept a Green Dog Walkers® badge and pledge to take part in the campaign as follows:
  • I will wear the badge as often as possible when walking my dog(s).
  • I will at all times clean up after my dog and dispose of the bag in a bin.
  • When others walk my dog I will encourage them to clean up after my dog.
  • I understand that wearing the badge indicates that I will carry extra doggie bags to distribute to other dog walkers if requested.
  • At no time when wearing the badge will I aggressively confront other dog walkers about dog fouling. I fully understand that Green Dog Walkers® is intended to be a non-confrontational and friendly campaign to change attitudes about dog fouling.
  • I agree that Green Dog Walkers® may contact me to take part in questionnaires or surveys regarding my Green Dog Walker® experience, to help judge the success of the project.

I have read The Green Dog Walkers® pledge and my dog and I agree to take part in the GDW campaign.

By filling in my details below, I hereby volunteer to accept the terms of the pledge, to receive and wear a Green Dog Walkers® badge, and to carry extra doggie bags when I walk my dog.


Areas where I generally walk my dog


I consent that:

You can use the information I have provided to contact me regarding the Green Dog Walkers Scheme run by Malvern Hills District Council. 

My data may be collected, processed, retained and shared in accordance with Data Protection law.

I declare that the information I have given on this form is correct and complete and that I consent to the processing of my data as detailed above, and in accordance with the Privacy Notice published on the council’s website. I also understand that I can withdraw my information at any time. *

Your Green Dog Walker® badge will be sent to you upon receipt of this form.

When taking the pledge you will be redirected to our Green Dog Walkers® survey, please complete this if you haven't already done so.