GUM Clinic - Health Adviser Client Survey

Thank you for taking the time to complete this short survey based on your recent experience at the clinic. This survey will be used for the purposes of service development for the Health Adviser team. Please answer all questions as honestly as you can. Your responses will be anonymous and you will not be required to provide any personal details.

1. 1. What was the reason for your most recent appointment at the clinic?

Please select only one from the following options


2. Before your check up, how would you have answered the following:
Please select one answer for each statement ranging from Strongly Disagree to Strongly Agree.

Strongly Disagree DisagreeNot sureAgreeStrongly AgreeN/A
I had a good understanding of and sexual health
I did not know how to protect myself from infections
I use a condom for all sex
I get a STI check up regularly (e.g. every six months)
All STIs come with symptoms
I never use condoms
I would be anxious about going for STI check ups
My sexual partners would tell me if they had a STI
I use condoms for Oral Sex

3. When accessing the service you may have spoken to a Health Adviser. What do you think the role of a Health Adviser is?

You can select more than one option from the following


4. What contact did you have with a Health Adviser?

Please select from the following options. More than one option may apply.


5. Thinking about your meeting with the Health Adviser (either in person or on the phone), how comfortable did you feel when discussing your sexual health at the time?

Please select one from the following options.


6. If you think it can be uncomfortable to talk about sex and sexual health with the Health Adviser, please tell us what you think would help to make this easier?

Please provide your answer below: