General (public - staff) Engagement Survey


1. Date of event


2. Please select your current Industry / sector


3. How relevant to you personally, if at all, did you find the topics covered during the engagement / event?


4. Overall how satisfied were you with the engagement / event?


5. How much, if at all, has your knowledge of cyber crime improved as a result of attending this engagement / event?


6. Following this event how confident, if at all, would you be at talking about the topics covered with colleagues, family or friends?


7. Following this event how likely would you be, if at all, to change any of your personal online / security behaviours?


8. Following this event how likely would you be, if at all, to undertake the following behaviours in the future?

Very likelyLikelyNeither likely nor unlikelyUnlikelyVery unlikely
Using strong, separate passwords for email accounts
Installing the latest software and app updates
Where available, use two-factor authentication on your accounts
Always backing up your most important data
Never automatically click on links or attachments
Always question unsolicited approaches for personal and financial information
Avoid using public Wi-Fi when transferring sensitive information, such a payment details

9. Are you aware of the Action Fraud reporting service for fraud and cyber crime?


Do you have any comments on the engagement/ event you attended or suggestions on how it could be improved?

Thank you for taking the time to answer this survey.
Survey Consent and data information
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