Gloucestershire Youth Support Team - Feedback Survey 2018

Please Note: This survey is completely anonymous unless you choose to identify yourself in any of the comment boxes below.

1. Which worker did you see? *


2. Where were you seen?


3. Were you seen as part of a group or was this a one-to-one session?


4. I was given information about what the YST can offer me


5. I am clear about how the YST can help me


6. I was given the chance to say what help I would like from the YST


7. My worker put me at ease


8. I was given information that was clear, impartial and met my needs


9. I feel that the worker understood the issues that are important to me


10. Referrals made have been appropriate to my needs


11. I have a personal action plan of what will happen next


12. At the end of the meeting/session, I felt clearer about what I need to do to move forward with my decisions and plans


13. I would recommend the YST to a friend


14. The YST would have been even better if:


15. If you wish to be contacted by Gloucestershire Youth Support please fill in your contact details below.

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