Draft suicide and self-harm prevention strategy


Thank you for responding to the Suicide and Self-harm Prevention strategy consultation. Please make sure that you press the “submit” button at the end of the form, otherwise your response will not be counted.

Question 1: To what extent do you agree with this vision?

“People in Wales will live in communities which are free from the fear and stigma associated with suicide and self-harm and are empowered and supported to both seek and offer help when it is needed.”


Question 1a: What are your reasons for your answer to question 1?


Question 2: In the strategic vision section there are 6 principles that underpin the strategy. Do you agree these principles are the right ones?


Question 2a: What are your reasons for your answer to question 2?


Question 3: The strategy identifies priority and high-risk groups. Do you agree that these are right?


Question 3a: What are your reasons for your answer to question 3?


In the strategy there are six high-level objectives. We have also suggested some sub-objectives to deliver each one. We will be publishing 3–5-year delivery plans which will sit alongside the strategy. The delivery plan will include more detailed actions to deliver our objectives. We would like to know:

  • what you think of the objectives
  • if you think the sub-objectives will deliver the high-level objectives
  • what actions you think we could include in the delivery plan to deliver the objectives

You can answer questions about as many of the statements that are of interest to you.