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Housing Allocations Policy

Have your say on how social housing is allocated to residents in St Helens Borough. We are asking for people to comment on the suggested changes for how social housing is allocated to people. You can tell us what you think by completing this survey.   

What are the proposed changes?
The suggested changes will affect how social housing is allocated. If agreed, these changes will affect the entire local authority area. For more information on the proposed changes, view the Policy Document


1. The proposed Allocations Policy sets out the qualification criteria for applicants - setting out who can join UnderOneRoof.

Do you agree/disagree that the following groups of people should qualify to join UnderOneRoof?

People or members of their household who have been guilty of unacceptable behaviour that makes them unsuitable to be a tenant?
People who are incapable of holding a non-supported tenancy (e.g. a person under 18 or a person defined as lacking mental capacity)
People who have housing related debts (e.g. rent arrears, service charges) that are equivalent to more than 1 month outstanding?
People who have breached tenancy conditions previously
People who have lived in or have a connection to the borough for less than two years
People who own a property
People who have savings greater than £16,000

2. What factors should the Policy take into account when considering applicants who have existing housing related debts?



3. One of the key principles of the proposed Policy is to enable applicants to have housing choices. Do you agree that the council should maintain a 'choice based' allocations system?


4. Do you think that the council should...


5. There are groups of applicants that the council has to award a priority to ('reasonable preference') however, the council has the opportunity to award additional priorities within the allocations scheme. The list below are the groups that would be in Band A and receive the highest priority for re-housing.

Do you agree that the following groups should be awarded priority?

YesNoDon't Know
Applicants who are homeless
Victim/Survivors of Domestic Abuse
People who lose their home due to a disaster
People who are living in overcrowded properties in which they need an additional 3 bedrooms
People who require alternative accommodation due to life threatening medical conditions
People who are due to be discharged from hospital and their current home is unsuitable or unavailable
People who are leaving the care of the local authority
People who need accommodation in order to foster or adopt children in the care of the local authority
Members of the Armed/Reserve Forces
Victims of hate crime who need accommodation
Victims of racial harassment who need accommodation
People who have witnessed a crime and would be at risk of violence/threats of violence
People who have a property that is subject to a Compulsory Purchase Order

6. As there are more members of UnderOneRoof than properties available, the Policy suggests a process for managing refusals of offers of accommodation. Do you agree with the following?

YesNoDon't Know
Applicants making unreasonable refusals of offers should be demoted
Before demoting an applicant, UnderOneRoof should consider if the offer is reasonable
Applicants in the highest bands should bid and accept a property in the shortest possible timeframe

7. If two applicants bid for the same property and they are both in the same Band (e.g. Band B) and they have the same membership date, should we use their local connection to decide who receives the property?


8. The Policy suggests that applicants who are in Band A and Band B are not regularly bidding for properties or repeatedly refusing offers of accommodation will be demoted to Band D - do you agree with this?


9. Any other Comments

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