When making a Freedom of Information (FOI) request, read the guide to Freedom of Information requests [opens in a window] first.  As well as explaining how to make an FOI request, the guide also explains how you can find out whether someone has already requested the information you need.

You can instead of using this form submit an FOI request via post by mailing your request to us at the postal address available in the Freedom of Information requests section [opens in a new window].

Data protection regulations

The personal data and other information you provide will be used only in relation to the handling of your information request. It will be passed to the relevant part of DfT or to the relevant DfT Executive Agency (DVLA, DVSA, MCA, VCA, ATE) so that your request can be processed and responded to by the appropriate team.

Where the request is for the central DfT to respond to, your data will be held for at least 3 years and then, under normal circumstances, deleted. It will only be kept for longer where it is necessary in connection with an ongoing issue. Where your request is for a DfT Executive Agency to respond to, your data will be held in accordance with that body's retention policy.

SmartSurvey hosts this form on behalf of DfT. Your request and personal data will be sent directly to DfT or the relevant DfT Executive Agency. SmartSurvey does not have access to your personal data.

Further details on DfT's privacy policy [opens in a new window] are available.