IPAN Guide to the SDGs | Expert Contribution Form

About the Initiative


In celebration of World Intellectual Property Day 2024, the Intellectual Property Awareness Network (IPAN) is compiling an 'IP Guide to the SDGs', which will feature expert perspectives on how each of the Sustainable Development Goals interact with intellectual property and what strategies stakeholders might take to advance innovation and creativity towards the realisation of the SDGs through an Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) lens.

We invite you to contribute a 200-word statement addressing the question below, and request that you kindly confirm consent for IPAN to use your quotation in the Guide (which will be made available both in digital and hard copy), on our website and on our social media pages (specifically, on the Twitter / X and LinkedIn platforms).

We thank you for your contributions and are delighted to be able to feature you in this Guide, which was inspired by the WIPD 2024 theme, IP & The SDGs: Building our common future with innovation and creativity.

1. Which of the Sustainable Development Goals do you wish to contribute an expert perspective on? *


2. How does IP intersect with the Global Goal you have selected above, and how might IP be used to advance innovation and creativity towards realising this Goal? (200 words) *