Ten Pieces SEND/ASN Steering Group Expression of Interest (2019-2020)

Hi trusted friends! We are thrilled to be increasing our commitment in this area and we know that our champions and friends have a wealth of knowledge, experience and passion for making music as accessible as possible! For this reason we'd be delighted if you would join us in becoming part of a steering group (2019-2020) as we continue to develop our resources. We appreciate any time that you're able to give us through consulting on resources, concepts in general or giving guidance on what has worked well in using Ten Pieces in this setting so far. For any queries please send an email to Beatrice Carey (Ten Pieces Project Manager) at beatrice.carey@bbc.co.uk.

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7. Experience of working with students who have Special Education Needs and Disability/Additional Support Needs? *


8. Have you already been using Ten Pieces or adapted Ten Pieces for your work with students with SEND/ASN? What was your experience of this? What SEND/ASN Ten Pieces resources do you want to see made?


9. Have you/ Are you working on any projects in this area that you would like to share?


10. Is there anything specific you would like to achieve in being part of this steering group?


11. Do you have any initial ideas for how Ten Pieces could be improved for a SEND/ASN audience that you would like to share? (E.g. Filmed resources, Live events, Teacher CPD, etc.)


12. Any other comments?