Image Consent and GDPR

1. Healthwatch Northumberland Image Consent


This form asks you to consent to the use of your image by Healthwatch Northumberland. if you are under 18, your parent/guardian will be asked to sign the final declaration. 

Your image shall be deemed to represent a fictional person unless agreed otherwise.
Your image may be used in our printed publications for promotional purposes, in press releases, on videos, on social media channels, in presentation materials and our website. It may also appear in our advertising and in the local/national media.
We will not include your personal details (such as postal addresses, or telephone numbers) on our website, printed materials or other promotional materials. Please note that that our website and social media channels can be accessed from outside the United Kingdom.
We will only use images that identify you with your further, explicit consent to do so, and we will not use the images for any purpose other than those mentioned above or as otherwise agreed.


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1. Volunteer's Name *


2. I give consent to be photographed by Healthwatch Northumberland. The purpose for which the photograph/s may be used has been explained to me. I understand that the photographs remain the property of Healthwatch Northumberland. *