Inverclyde Council Citizens' Panel Recruitment Questionnaire 2022

Dear Resident

Inverclyde Council and its partner organisations are always looking for ways to gather the views of the community they serve.  I am inviting you to become part of a Council initiative that seeks your opinions on a wide variety of issues such as health, the environment, libraries and community safety.

The Council’s Citizens’ Panel comprises 1,000 adult residents from across Inverclyde.  Membership of the Panel changes by around a third each year and I am now seeking to recruit 300 new Panel members.

The aim of the Citizens’ Panel is to find out what you think about local services and other important issues affecting life in the local area.  We use feedback from Panel members to improve and develop services to ensure they meet the needs of Inverclyde residents.

The Panel needs people from all walks of life and from all areas of Inverclyde.  This is an opportunity for you to play an important part in shaping the future of the local area and make a real difference to decisions taken about that future.

Becoming a member of the Citizens’ Panel will not take up very much of your time.  Panel members are sent two questionnaires each year to complete.  You may also be contacted by telephone occasionally or asked to join a small group looking at a particular topic or service.  A newsletter is enclosed with each survey which outlines a summary of the results from the previous questionnaire, together with the Council’s response to feedback provided by Panel members.

If you would like to become a Panel member, please complete this short questionnaire.  Your details will be entered into a prize draw, with three cash prizes of £75, £50 and £25.

If you have any questions about the Citizens’ Panel, call Karen Barclay at Inverclyde Council on 01475 712065 or Jeremy Quinn at Lowland Market Research on 01360 311 125.

Thank you for considering joining Inverclyde Council’s Citizens’ Panel.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Louise Long
Chief Executive

Using your personal information

Privacy Notice

The Citizens’ Panel and Focus Groups Privacy Notice provides details on how Inverclyde Council processes your personal information and guards your privacy.  It also explains the relationship between Inverclyde Council and members of the Citizens’ Panel.  Further information can be found at  If you require a paper copy of the Privacy Notice, call Karen Barclay at Inverclyde Council on 01475 712065.

Consent Form
The Consent Form on the final page of this questionnaire provides details on what Inverclyde Council will do with the information you provide in relation to your potential role as a member of the Citizens’ Panel.  Once you have completed this questionnaire, please make sure you sign and date the Consent Form.  This provides the Council with your consent to process your information for the purposes outlined in the Form.
Further information can be found at