North West Kilmarnock Placemaking Survey
We have produced this Placemaking Map of Northwest Kilmarnock following extensive consultation with community groups and individuals. Our aim is to produce a plan for future improvement that brings the biggest benefits to everyone who works and lives there.

This questionnaire is part of our public consultation to make sure that the plan truly reflects your priorities for the future of Northwest Kilmarnock. It comes in three parts.

To fill it in, you must refer to the Placemaking Map and Action Programme for Northwest Kilmarnock.

This questionnaire forms part of our informal consultation. Once this is complete we will analyse the results of this questionnaire, gather all the comments made and these will be considered by the local steering group who are promoting this Placemaking Plan.

They will decide whether to make any amendments to the plan before it is passed to East Ayrshire Council for consideration and to enter a final six week formal consultation process during which time you will have a further opportunity to make a written representation.

At the end of this formal consultation your comments will be considered by the Council and a final decision made on any amendments to the plan.
Part 1  -  Your say

Please answer the following questions which refer to the coloured zones on the map. For each question please score on a scale of 1 to 7. Score 1 if you think the proposals will make little improvement. Score 7 if you think the proposals will make a significant improvement

Cycling and walking route improvements - improvements to infrastructure which will encourage people to walk and cycle more
  • Redesigned and refurbished connecting walkways at Burnfoot Place, Knockinlaw Mount, Kilmaurs Road and Meiklewood Road to make them more attractive and safer to use, particularly at night
  • Improve routes through grass andpark areas
For cycling and walking I think these proposals will provide:  *


Streetscape improvements - Measures which will help people move around more easily, reduce negative experiences and enhance positive experiences.
  • Improve lighting of connecting footpaths to improve safety, particularly at night in: 
    • Burnfoot Place
    • Knockinlaw Mount
    • Kilmaurs Road 
    • Meiklewood Road 
  • Improve traffic calming measures and speed deterrents on Tourhill Road, Morven Avenue and Campbeltown Drive
  • Repaint the taxi rank on Tourhill Road
  • Improve pedestrian and cycling crossing arrangements on Western Road at the North West Area Centre
  • Improve road surfaces and edges on Klmaurs Road particularly on the side roads used for access to Hillhead Primary School
  • Increase provision of dog litter bins where regular fouling occurs
  • Fix drainage issues so that there is no standing water and mud on Kilmaurs Road footpaths
  • Replace broken, cracked and uneven slabs on footpaths on Kilmaurs Road
  • Investigate new arrangements to improve access and safety for children around Hillhead Primary School and Early Childhood Centre including:
    • improved separation and management of cars and pedestrians at the start and end of the day
    • alternative parking arrangements for cars parked on the West side of Kilmaurs Road near the school crossing point
    • permanent pedestrian crossing arrangements
    • safer crossing for pedestrians and cyclists from Western Road and Hill Street
  • Provision of covered bus shelters on bus routes in Kirkton Road, Kilmaurs Road, Western Road and Onthank Drive
  • Removal of planting on the Kilmaurs/Western Road roundabout
  • Develop gateway features on Western Road which do not obstruct views of oncoming traffic
  • Provide more seasonal planting and hanging baskets
  • Develop new plantings of wild flowers, bulbs, shrubs and arboriculture schemes on Kilmaurs Road and Western Road to break hard edges and provide more seasonal variation
  • Improved maintenance of road surfaces and edges  on the roundabout and approach roads, to reduce loos chipping hazards to cyclists and motorbikes

For ease of mobility around North West Kilmarnock I think these measures will bring:  *


3. Opportunities for civic space improvements - areas of vacant or under-used space such as squares, parkland, local landmarks or natural features to be improved for public use or visual amenity improvement including broadband
  • Provide effective anti-social behaviour measures in the area behind the shops on Tourhill Road, south of Arness Terrace
  • Develop options to make for the area at the front of shops on Tourhill Road more useful and attractive
  • Produce viable proposals for increasing parking around Nwkleus and Mount Carmel Church
  • Identify opportunities for new usage for the former lock up space accessed from  Craufurdland Road
  • Identify options to improve paring around the Northwest Area Centre, including leave car at home schemes, separate staff parking and more disabled parking
  • Impove broadband speeds throughout the area
For civic spaces I think these proposals will bring: *


4. Priority buildings - Buildings which require significant regeneration in order to improve their impact on the quality of the built environment
  • Develop proposals to upgrade Nwkleus
  • Investigate opportunities for reuse of the former Knockinlaw Post Office on Morven Avenue
For Priority buildings I think these proposals would bring: *


5. Green space requiring improvement - Improvements to areas of grassland or woodland to provide greater opportunities for play, recreation or visual amenity
  • Develop a greenspace improvement scheme for the area which incudes proposals for:
    • green areas around the Western Area Centre
    • playpark at Long Park recreation ground
    • green space on Thorn Terrace
    • creen space east of Mount Carmel School
    • green space on The Mount
    • trees and green space west of Newlands Drive
    • address Newlands Drive Park drainage issues
    • synthetic multi-use sports surface to include football, walking football and archery
    • improve community garden on Ardbeg Avenue
    • green space on the Crescent in Tourhill Road
    • trees and shrubs at the west end of Kilmaurs Road
    • park and shrubland at Altonhill
    • basketball court adjacent to Thorn Terrace playpark
    • increase number of bins for dog walkers
    • allotments, orchard, community woodland or garden
  • Improve drainage on the playground at Hillhead School

For green spaces I think the proposals would bring:  *


6. Housing development/improvement opportunities - Brownfield or green field sites where future new-build housing could be developed or areas of existing housing where the condition of the properties leads to consistent, significant vacancies and negative visual impact:
  • Continue rendering and glazing improvements
  • Develop solutions to improve external condition of private housing on Western Road
  • Modernisation of flats above Tourhill Road shops
  • Develop new housing in Rothesay Place

For potential development sites I think these proposals will bring:  *