Heritage and you


1. Background to the study and questionnaire

I am a student doing research at Northumbria University, but live in Cornwall. My study will be exploring the ways in which Cornwall’s heritage institutions, community and creative artists are involved in sharing and valuing heritage. I would really appreciate you taking part in this anonymous study - there are no right or wrong answers. This study aims to enhance our understanding of the complexities of how heritage is valued and the political, social, economic and cultural dimensions that underpin these values. Why have I been invited to participate? You have been chosen to take part in the study because you work and/or are a resident in Cornwall. Your opinions on how you value Cornish cultural heritage and the designation of the Cornish as a national minority are important to this study. What are the benefits for taking part in this study? You will be providing valued insight into how you personally value heritage and how involved you are in this process. Your responses may improve heritage management practices, supporting involvement of communities and strengthening communities by this involvement. How will the information be used ? All or part of the content of your data may be published in academic papers, policy papers or news articles,  on our website and in other media that we may produce such as spoken presentations or other feedback events. If you would like to be interviewed following this questionnaire please contact the research investigator: Joan Buchanan E-mail: Joan.e.m.buchanan@northumbria.ac.uk