Continuing Professional Development for Teachers


1. Introduction

The Education Team at Cambridgeshire County Council are seeking to gather your views on professional training and development offered to teaching professionals by external providers (i.e.anyone other than your own school or trust).

Your answers will help us understand what's important to you when choosing a course and will help us understand what you would like to see in future, especially in terms of online training on offer.

The survey should take approximately 10 minutes.

Data Protection

The information you are providing will assist informing CCC in the provision of services. Any data that you supply will be handled in compliance with GDPR legislation. It will be used solely to inform decision making in this area and we may share your information with our consultants and with the Council’s analysis team as part of this process if necessary. Your personal details will not be shared with any other organisation except those directly involved in compiling and analysing the survey responses.  Analysis and comments may be published but details will be anonymized so they do not identify individuals.

Further details about how we process personal data, and your rights in regards to this, can be found at

By clicking “next” you confirm you are happy for your response to be used in the analysis and results. Your responses may be included as valid answers, even if you do not click “Submit” at the end of the survey.

For any questions email