Sanabel's 2017 Conference - Evaluation Form

1. How many Sanabel Conferences have you attended? *


2. Please rate your experience and satisfaction level on the following elements: *

The conference covered issues of interest in the industry
The agenda format was flexible and I could engage and network
The sessions were diverse and relevant to my work
The speakers were competent and effective at engaging the audience in discussions
The conference venue was well-organized and ensured the sessions went smoothly
The exhibitors’ area brought a positive contribution to the conference
The Sanabel staff was courteous, helpful, professional and attentive to my needs during the conference

3. Please specify the sessions that you found most interesting and useful: *


4. What conference topics would you like to see at Sanabel’s Conference 2018? *


5. Overall, based on your experience in this conference, will you attend, or recommend others to attend, next year’s conference? *


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