Competition Law Hotbeds: Platforms and Industrial Policy

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1. Are new competition laws and enforcement agencies necessary in order to deal with digital platforms and technology markets?


2. Is existing antitrust law able to regulate tech companies?


3. Are new digital authorities needed to police tech companies?


4. What is the role of measures such as data portability in addressing competition law concerns?


5. Should the owners of platforms be permitted to compete with users?


6. If the answer is yes to the above question, should there be any limits?


How do we deal with the interplay between competition law and industrial policy, particularly following the result in Siemens/Alstom?


7. Should competition law reviews include industrial policy considerations, and if so how? Are there separate regulatory schemes that can or should be used to screen mergers and how should those interact with merger reviews?


8. Is there a place for national champions in a global economy?


9. Are proposals to advance industrial policy a temporary anomaly or permanent trend?


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