Dudley Borough asset mapping


1. Dudley Borough Asset Mapping
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Macmillan Cancer Support staff are engaging with people living with cancer across Dudley Brough to find out what community services they used after the treatment has finished.

Do you recall what community services you used when you finished your cancer treatment? If so, we would like to get your help to map the community services in Dudley, to find out about your experiences using them and how the support met your needs.

All feedback collected will be used to help ensure Macmillan develops services that meet the needs of people living with cancer. Macmillan is bound by data protection regulations and will not disclose any personal information which you have provided to any outside person or organisation without your consent.

You can find more information on our website: https://www.macmillan.org.uk/terms-and-conditions/privacy-policy.html

1. What community support did you access/use? (name, address, contact details)


What community support do you know is currently available for people living with cancer across Dudley Brough? (Asset mapping exercise using map)


2. How did you find out about this community support? For example, through your care plan, via friends or a cancer support group?


3. Did it meet your needs?


4. If Yes, please tell us how?


5. If No, please tell us why?


6. Did you have any needs that were not met as there were no available community support services available? Yes or No


7. If Yes, please tell us what community support you would have liked to access?


8. Any other comment you would like to make?


9. Your post code (first 3 Digits)