Mead Street: survey on emerging principles and concepts for regeneration


Guiding principle 1 - Making it a place people want to live and work, are proud of and which is representative of the community that live there

Mead Street has good sustainability credentials - it’s a brownfield site within walking distance of Temple Meads Station, the city centre, as well as other local services.    The aspiration is to provide a range of uses to create a vibrant and bustling community for new residents and those living and working nearby and could include:
  • New homes including affordable housing
  • A small convenience shop
  • A community facility
  • Employment uses- The aspiration is to create employment opportunities which can co-exist with a residential neighbourhood.  The employment space offer could include offices and light industrial/workspaces/makers spaces. 
There is an assumption that to maximise the benefits of the area and meet our growing housing needs, new housing and employment space will be denser and at a greater height than the existing buildings. This will need to consider any impact on the surrounding area. 

1. To what extent do you agree or disagree with Guiding Principle 1?


2. If you have any further comments on Guiding Principle 1, please provide them below: