1. Registration for Myanmar Locals
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This is for employees of local companies to register to attend Myanmar Connect 2019 at the price of $100 + local tax.
Local rate:
This rate is only available to representatives of companies head-quartered in Myanmar. Local entities and branches of international organisations ARE NOT ELIGIBLE.
Eligibility is determined by the employing company, NOT the nationality of the individual attendee. If you think you qualify for a local rate, please apply for your pass here. Please note, if you don’t pre-register, the rate for local companies will be $300 + local tax onsite.
Still not sure if you qualify?
- Is the company you work for headquartered in Myanmar?
- Does the company you work for operate independently, without management, accountability or ownership (joint venture or other) in another jurisdiction?
If the answer to these questions is yes, you are likely to qualify for the local rate.
Please contact us at Sophia.simpson@capacitymedia.com if you have any questions.
All registrations require approval by the Myanmar Connect team and will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Any ambiguities in regard to the true interpretation or meaning of these guidelines or the implementation thereof will be settled or determined by the Myanmar Connect team, whose decision will be final.
If it should be determined that you have registered under the incorrect rate, a member of the customer service team will call you to take payment of the outstanding cost.