Poringland Neighbourhood Plan - Public Consultation Questionnaire - Closing date May 1st 2018

1: Housing
There will be further house building in this area - but how would you like it to look?  What sort of built environment do you think would work here in Poringland, and how can we incorporate improvements and enhancements to the area as a whole?  This will form an important part of our Neighbourhood Plan.

1. What kind of housing should be prioritised for building in Poringland, both in terms of size and style? Please indicate for each line whether you feel this is a high or low priority.

High priorityLow priority
1 or 2 bedroom homes
3 or 4 bedroom homes
5+ bedroom homes
Retirement homes
Supported housing
Detached housing
Semi-detached housing
Terrace housing
Eco-friendly housing
Affordable/social housing