Mentoring project ("Networky") at College

Your college is using Networky to connect incoming students with existing students like you, to chat online before term starts in September.

You have been chosen as a mentor for your college because someone at your college believes you would be a good ambassador for the college, and a welcoming influence for new students.

Why participate?
  • It should be fun - to chat online with an incoming applicant, and guide them through their college experience.
  • You can put it on your UCAS application and/or CV, showing that you are a responsible student, and an engaged member of the college community.
  • You don't need to be an expert about every aspect of the college, just friendly and helpful, and willing to chat (via text chat, not voice or video) from time to time.
  • The mentoring project will run for just a few months, from a few weeks before Autumn term until November.

Networky proved to be a positive experience for sixth form college students last year. It reduced the number of students that dropped out, and increased attendance.

If you choose to take part, we will email or text you more details nearer the start of term.

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By completing this form and registering to be a mentor with Networky, you agree that we will process your personal data in line with our privacy notice. Please read this carefully before registering.

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Registering with us is entirely voluntary and you can let us know if you no longer want to be involved by contacting at any time.