Stop The Arms Fair - No To Trident, No To War (survey)


1. Personal Information


2. At 6th September demo, what would you be up for?


3. Are you comfortable with being arrested?


4. The protests will focus on companies at the arms fair involved with nuclear weapons production, as well as embracing a wider 'Arms to Renewables' theme.

One affinity group will be doing a creative protest about wind turbines but we're encouraging people to do their own creative stunts, activities and make / bring banners. Past examples have included choirs and academic conferences at the gates.

Do you think you or a local peace / campaign group you're involved with could do something like this? If so, what?


5. Would you like to attend a Non-Violent Direct Action training session in Manchester from 6.30pm on 10th August?


6. Could you attending a 'building' day in the Peak District on 5th August, to help make props, banners and other useful stuff?


7. If enough people show interest, we will try to arrange transport to the building day on 5th August from Manchester. If that happens, would you be interested in transport?