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Norfolk Trails Volunteer Inspection report form


1. Introduction

The Norfolk Trails volunteer inspection form is a report into the state of the Norfolk Trails network, describing the state of the surface, furniture, infrastructure and issues that affect the ability to walk.

Due to the large amount of work necessary on the trails, it is required that the priorities of the issues are reported so the trail officers can determine which need to be dealt with first. Issues range from those with a high priority which are those that are a health and safety risk to low priority which do not require immediate attention and do not affect the ability to walk the trail.

The priorities are:

Red (High)
- Risk of injury through use
- Hanging tree/bough
- Broken furniture (gates, boardwalk, bridges, handrail etc.)

Yellow (Medium)
- Obstruction
- Tree on ground
- Overhanging vegetation (shrub/ hedge)
- Overgrown vegetation causing inaccessibility

Green (Low)
- Signage damage or missing
- natural surface issues (boggy or long vegetation)
- aspiration ideas (upgrade or improve access or signage/ highlight local services)
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