Safety and wellbeing survey


1. Please let us know what minimum actions you would like to see in our stores to give you the confidence to visit and buy once the lockdown has been eased.


2. Would you like to be able to use the changing rooms and what measures would you like to see put in place to improve your confidence in safety?


3. Would you expect our staff to be masked, wearing gloves or any other type of PPE when we are fitting shoes?


4. Knowing the store, how many other customers would you feel comfortable being in the shop with? Would you expect customers to be on their own or with family?


5. Would you prefer receiving your purchases in new plastic bag or using your own bag/bag for life?


6. We have been doing a fair bit of home delivery, would you like to see this service carry on at least during the easing of the lockdown?


7. What have you missed the most concerning your sport since the lockdown?


8. Would you be willing to visit the store prior to re-opening to comment on the changes that we have made so far and suggest any other measures that come to mind?
If yes please indicate which branch is your local store.
This would be with the greatest care taken in social distancing.

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