Youth Practitioner Wellbeing Programme Signup Form



Thank you for signing up to attend Oxfordshire Youth's very first Youth Practitioner Wellbeing Programme! This programme consists of
8 x 90 minute Wellbeing Sessions
Where: Oxfordshire Youth, 4400, Nash Court, John Smith Drive, Oxford Business Park, Oxford OX4 2RU.
When: 10:00am - 11:30am Fortnightly on Wednesdays 27th Sept,11th Oct, 25th Oct, 8th Nov, 22nd Oct, 6th Dec, 20th Dec, 3rd Jan
What: Sessions cover the following topics:
1. Forming positive boundaries
2. Managing your mind
3. Self-care
4. Being on-purpose and identifying your strengths
5. Understanding the window of tolerance
6. Understanding your nervous system
7. TRE - Trauma Release Exposure
8. Transformational Breathwork
Up to 6 Specialist Training Days
What: Attendees will be able to choose from 6 separate specialist training sessions based on the complex needs presented by young people to youth practitioners around themes such as:
1. Youth Mental Health First Aid Course (2 days)
2. Non-Violent Communication
3. Trauma-informed care
4. Self-Harm 
5. Suicide Prevention
6. The impact of Social Media
Peer-to-Peer Networking and Support Meetings
What: Opportunities for smaller groups of attendees to meet in an informal setting to form a strong and connected peer-to-peer network. These will take place in venues coordinated by OY with food and refreshments available for attendees.

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