Open Daith Survey_26-6-17 V2

All parts of this questionnaire are strictly confidential and will be considered as part of your medical record.

1. Introduction to our Daith Piercing Survey Version 2


1. This Research Survey Version 2 of our survey and was launched on 26th June 2017 as a development of Version 1, which is now closed. If you have already filled in Version 1 you are welcome to fill this one in too as the results are being analysed separately, and anyway it is at least 3 months since you filled it in before!

It is being conducted by Dr  Chris Blatchley MB BChir, medical director of the London Migraine Clinic to evaluate the relationship between Daith Piercings and migraines & headaches

Filling in the survey will take about 15-20 minutes. The questions go in-depth about how your migraines have changed since your Daith Piercing but are simple to answer. Please choose a quiet time with no interruptions because the survey must be completed in one go.

Your responses to the survey, including any sensitive health information you provide, will remain private and confidential at all times and will be used for medical research purposes only. You can take part anonymously if you prefer  *