Active Norfolk Workforce Training Needs Analysis

Active Norfolk recognise that the skills and experience of the sport and physical activity workforce - both paid and voluntary - is essential in delivering appropriate activity in an engaging way, particularly to inactive population groups.

We have designed a short 10-15 minute survey to capture the current qualifications, motivations, barriers, skills and confidence levels of the physical activity workforce across Norfolk. The questions focus primarily on these attributes in relation to working with target populations (e.g. children, older people, women, those living with long-term conditions, and those with poor mental health).

Gathering this information will allow us to utilise our workforce development resources as effectively as possible. We will be in a position to respond to what the current workforce tells us by identifying training requirements, continual professional development opportunities and training formats that will best support their growth. This in turn, will help us ensure that we maximise the impact sport and physical activity has on those that need it most.

At the end of the survey there will be the chance to be entered into a prize draw to win Fitbits, and local restaurant and shopping vouchers.

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