Now you have used the ICO's Privacy Notice Generator(s), we'd love to hear your thoughts.

The service is currently in a pilot phase and we will be making changes to continue to improve the experience for users. 

The survey will remain open until 3 June 2024. 

We would appreciate feedback about your experience of using the Generator. The survey is structured as follows: 

  • Section 1: Your thoughts on the Privacy Notice Generator
  • Section 2: Your previous privacy notices (if applicable)
  • Section 3: About you
  • Section 4: Final comments

The survey should take around 10 minutes to complete. 

If you have any questions or difficulties, please contact: 

Your responses to this survey are anonymous (unless you choose to include your contact information in the final question).

The questions we ask are not to test your compliance with data protection law and we will not use any of the information you share with us for any purpose other than to inform this project. To find out how we use your information when you fill in an ICO survey, view our privacy notice.

Should we receive an FOI request for your response we will always seek to consult with you for your views on the disclosure of this information before any decision is made.

Please note that we are using the platform SmartSurvey to gather this information. Any data collected by SmartSurvey for the ICO is stored on UK servers. You can read their Privacy Policy and Notice here.

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