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Please complete this form if you are employed within the Welsh public service and/or third/voluntary sector, have a coaching qualification, and would like to register to be part of the All Wales Coaching Network.
Terms and conditions
Updated 8 September 2020

Sharing your information

We will ensure that if our partner organisations and/or contractors need to collect or handle your information, they will comply with the GDPR data protection law. We will manage this by requiring them to agree to these terms and by checking that they comply. This includes: 

The information you provide to our website, our application forms and our online surveys will be processed by CDSM Interactive Solutions Limited and SmartSurvey.

Any information you include in your website profile may be visible to other website users. You can update your website profile at any time

Storing your information

If your application is successful, we will store your information in accordance with the Welsh Government records policy.

We will keep your personal information while you remain a member of the All Wales Coaching Network. We will delete your information 13 months after you notify us that you are leaving the network. 

More information

You can find out more information about how we manage the Academi Wales website and your personal information on our Terms and Conditions page.

Please ensure you read the terms and conditions and confirm acceptance below.

1. Do you accept our terms and conditions? *


2. You must agree to comply with the Minimum Standards for Coaches in the All Wales Coaching Network.

Have you read and agreed to the Minimum Standards for the Coaching Network? *


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4. Surname *


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7. Work e-mail address *


8. In which language(s) are you able to provide coaching?


9. Your highest coaching qualification or equivalent *


10. Are you a qualified or accredited supervisor in coaching supervision? *


11. Please state any other coaching related qualifications you hold *


12. Coaching experience: please provide a brief description of your coaching experience in the last two years, including details of the number of coaches you have supported from the public service in Wales (Min 100 / Max 250 words) *


13. Do you have a coaching lead/ co-ordinator in your organisation? *


14. To become a member of the All Wales Coaching Network I have requested my line manager give their approval by emailing

This will be on condition that any coaching is for the sole purpose of Welsh public service organisations and is non-fee based.

Have you requested / arranged for your line manager's approval to be sent? *


15. I will provide you with two anonymised testimonials from coaching clients within the public service that I have coached over the last 12 months. I will email them to *

Once we receive the requested information from both you and your line manager, we will contact you with the outcome of your application.

If you are successful, we will register you onto the All Wales Coaching Network community hub. You will also be able to prepare your coaching profile on the Academi Wales website. This will be published once you notify us that it’s complete.