HIT squad Sensory Project Parent Questionnaire

1. HIT Squad Parent Survey for Hackney Sensory Training Project

The HIT squad (Health Integration Team) are keen to find out parent's views on leisure activities in Hackney in order to set up targeted training packages to improve SEN inclusion across the borough. Please note that your answers are anonymous and may be used in a future research project and for service development. This survey should take 5-10 minutes to complete and will really help us as a team to develop our training packages. Thank you in advance

1. How old is your child?


2. What is your child's diagnosis?


3. Does your child receive DLA (Disability Living Allowance)?


4. Does your child receive Short Breaks?


5. Does your child attend any leisure/extra-curricular activities?


6. How often does your child access leisure activities or visit community sites e.g. sports clubs, museums, exhibitions, soft play, libraries etc.?

Per week
Per month
Per year

7. Is there anywhere in Hackney that your child likes going e.g. museums, libraries, leisure centres, cinemas, theatres, youth hubs? Please be specific e.g. name which cinema/leisure centre you go to


8. Are there any specific leisure activities that you would recommend for children and young people with additional needs in Hackney? Please state the name of the venue/organisation so that we can provide this information to other families.


9. Are there any leisure activities that your child would like to do but cannot access in Hackney? If so, why have they been unable to access that leisure activity?


10. Have you had any negative experiences whilst accessing leisure activities in Hackney? If so, please state the venue or organisation's name and state what factors contributed to your negative experience.


11. Are there any strategies that you currently use to support your child when accessing leisure activities in Hackney?


12. Please let us know if you have any other comments/suggestions regarding leisure activities for children and young people with additional needs in Hackney and the City


13. Please provide us with your email address if you are happy for us to contact you about any of the issues raised in this survey