Archives Testbed Fund Application


1. Name and address of applicant archive *


2. Name and contact details of lead contact at archive service *


3. Please describe your organisation and archive collection, including how your archive is managed, your access to professional archive expertise and how you make the archive accessible to people outside your organisation? (maximum word limit of 500 words) *


4. Please describe the idea you would like to test, explore or evolve? (maximum word limit of 500 words) *


5. Please select a theme from Archives Unlocked that your idea most closely relates to?

(Please see guidance notes for making your selection)


6. Please describe how you intend to test, explore or evolve your idea? (maximum word limit of 500 words) *


7. Please describe how your idea could lead to positive change or improvement in the way archives are understood, managed, accessed or used? (maximum word limit of 300 words) *


8. How much are you requesting from the Archives Testbed Fund? *


9. Please provide a breakdown of the costs of testing or exploring your idea *


10. Is your organisation or another organisation contributing to the costs of testing or exploring your idea, in cash or in kind? If so, please provide the details of these contributions *


11. Please upload organisational letter of support

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