This form may be used by statutory undertakers or public bodies planning operations that are likely to damage a SSSI.

SSSI name(s):


Address or location or National Grid Reference if SSSI name not known:

I hereby give notice under Section 28H of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 that we propose to carry out, in the exercise of our functions, the operation(s) specified below.

Details of proposed operation:


Please attach method statements, photographs or diagrams if these will help to explain your proposals.

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Please upload a map or aerial photograph to illustrate the area of land you intend to carry out this operation.

Please supply enough information to allow us to locate the land where you wish to carry out the work. If we are unable to determine the location of the proposed works, we will be unable to accept your notice. An annotated map is most helpful. Please include any relevant ancillary works, such as access routes, material storage or disposal locations.

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When do you propose to start the operation?


When will the work end?

If there is no end date, please skip this question.