Financial Education for Children and Young People - Money and Pensions Service


Thank you for taking the time to feed into our financial education provision mapping project. 

The Money and Pensions Service and UK Finance have come together, with the support of HM Treasury, to build the most comprehensive and up-to-date picture of work taking place across the country to improve children and young people’s money skills. This research aims to gather up-to-date information on the projects, interventions and activities that deliver financial education for under-18 year-olds growing up in the UK. 

Findings will be used to identify gaps in provision and to support the development of policy and targeting of future funding and delivery – to ensure more children and young people receive a financial education that meets their needs. Some of the information will also be used (with your permission) to update our map of financial education, helping schools, parents and others to find services and support that can help them develop a child or young person’s money skills, knowledge and attitudes. 

In case you are unsure, we define “financial education” as any activity which seeks to improve children and young people’s money skills, knowledge, motivations and attitudes, supporting them to make good financial decisions and to achieve good financial well-being. 

The main survey should take no longer than 20 minutes to complete, after which there is a short request for some specific further information. Please make sure you have as much information as possible about your project to hand. Throughout the survey there is the option to save your responses and continue completing the survey later. If you deliver more than one service, project or intervention, please complete the survey for each one. 

If you have further questions please refer to our FAQs or contact Zoe Renton ( 

The Money and Pensions Service and UK Finance are conducting this survey and any information you provide in your responses (including any personal or commercial information) (“Information”) will be provided to both parties. Information you provide (except for any personal data) will also be shared with HM Treasury. The Money and Pensions Service and UK Finance will keep confidential any Information you provide. The Information will be used only for the purpose of conducting an analysis of financial education provision for children and young people and developing a strategy for improving that provision. The Information you provide will not be shared with any other person (save for HM Treasury as mentioned above) unless we obtain your written consent to do so. Published findings from this research will be anonymised and unattributable to your organisation. Published findings will be shared with you.

The survey asks for your contact details, and for your explicit consent to us contacting you in the future about this project (including sharing published findings) and about wider work relating to financial education.

If you have further questions about the way personal information is used, please refer to the Money and Pensions Service's Privacy Policy and UK Finance's Privacy Policy.