#RSCPoster Themed Collection
Dear #RSCPoster Participants,

We have listened to your feedback requesting further opportunities to promote your work presented at #RSCPoster, and we are pleased to inform you that we are launching an #RSCPoster themed collection across all our journals.

If you have ever presented a poster at #RSCPoster and have submitted an article related to your work in any journal currently published by the Royal Society of Chemistry, then you can add details of the manuscript via this survey and we will add it to the collection.

Thank you for your participation in #RSCPoster 2022, and we look forward to showcasing and celebrating our global research community in this collection.

Best wishes,

The #RSCPoster Team

1. What is your name? *


2. Please provide your contact email address *


3. Please select in which year #RSCPoster you presented a poster:


4. Please provide a link to the tweet in which you presented your poster if possible


5. Please provide the DOI of your published article, or ScholarOne manuscript ID of your submitted article if it is not yet published:


6. Did you present a poster at #RSCPoster and want to be featured, but your work is not quite ready for publication? No problem. Once you are ready to publish, please submit your article to one of our journals for consideration – our website (https://www.rsc.org/journals-books-databases/about-journals/) contains more information on finding the most suitable journal for your work. In the relevant submission box, please indicate that you are submitting for the #RSCPoster themed collection.

If you plan to submit, but have questions relating to the submission process of your chosen journal, feel free to indicate which journal you would like to submit to below, any questions you have, and we can pass your details to the relevant editors.