Remote3: Online Challenges


1. Remote3 Online Challenges - Feedback

We do hope you'll join us as we share weekly challenges related to the Remote3 project and Boulby Underground Laboratory.

Every Monday at 11:00 we will run a zoom webinar where we give a short talk about an aspect of the Boulby Underground Laboratory and then introduce a computing challenge.  You're very much encouraged to share or send us the projects you make!  The following week we'll highlight a few projects before introducing the next one.

The talks and challenges will be aimed at 10-14 year olds, and it will always be possible to complete the challenges using scratch, a free computing language which can be used online (

We will share a zoom link for the Monday webinars first thing each Monday morning - by using webinars we ensure that participants videos and screens are not shared.  You can ask to be removed from the mailing list at any time.

If you have any questions, please email us at

1. EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY and STFC Public Engagement feedback and Data Protection
STFC has a commitment to protecting and safeguarding your data privacy.

It is part of STFC’s public purpose to inspire and involve the public and schools with scientific development and innovation. Your responses will enable STFC to report on the demographics of those who attend.  As well as your views, we collect your gender, age range and postcode [or partial postcode].  The data will be anonymised and held on STFC’s secure servers then used to report to the UK Government and within STFC, UKRI and our partners the University of Edinburgh and deleted from our servers within two years.

We use SmartSurvey, a carefully selected UK-based third party service, to manage and hold this data on our behalf. Their privacy policy can be found at Some of the data may be anonymised and then used to report to the UK Government and within STFC and UKRI. Our privacy policy can be found at

UKRI and Data Protection
STFC is a Council under, and part of, UK Research and Innovation.  UKRI and STFC comply with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) with regard to the collection, storage, processing and disclosure of personal information and is committed to upholding the GDPR's core data protection principles. A full notice of UKRI’s position with regards to Freedom of Information and GDPR (EU) (2016/679) can be found at