Investing in the Energy Efficiency of our Community Buildings


Public engagement on investing in community buildings

SOcial INNovation in Energy Transitions 

Community buildings offer a focal point for the community. This past year they have been at the heart of emergency COVID responses, and before that, a place to gather, learn, play, and celebrate. Community buildings can help to lead the way on energy efficiency in their communities, an approach which has been at the heart of Bristol Energy Network’s (BEN) city-wide thinking for a long time.

Think about your local community building, its function and uses, its energy needs, what it could benefit from to make it more efficient and how that might be achieved. Imagine that you had an opportunity to be part of shaping its future and helping achieve city wide net zero carbon emissions.

The answers to the following questions will inform research on the role of different crowdfunding options, such as a Community Municipal Bond. A Community Municipal Bond (CMB) is a bond which would be backed by Bristol City Council and would pay regular interest, and be very low risk. We are looking at whether this could be a way to help fund community buildings to become more green and energy efficient.

More info on SONNET an EU Horizon 2020 funded collaborative research initiative. Learn more about BEN's work with the SONNET project in Bristol here.

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