STP adult mental health - staff

As part of the national NHS Sustainability and Transformation Partnership, NHS organisations across the whole of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight are working together to improve the experience of people who have mental health problems. We are seeking feedback from staff who care for people through these services and anyone else involved with mental health services.
We would be extremely grateful if you could take a little time to complete an anonymous on-line survey which will help us to shape improvements over the coming months and years.
We very much appreciate you taking the time to help us to improve how we work.

Please note this survey does not include learning disability, forensic, secure, child and adolescent services, perinatal or mother and baby services as currently they do not fall in scope for this section of the STP mental health work.

Please answer the questions with the majority of people who have stayed on your ward or unit in mind.

Thank you.

1. Which staff group do you belong to?


2. Where do you work?