School Transport Operating under Covid-19


1. What are your main concerns about operating school transportation during Covid-19? *


2. Which of the following additional procedures have been implemented at your school to minimize the spread of Covid-19 when using school transportation? (Tick all that apply)


3. Does your school have a "NO RIDE" policy if students/parents refuse to follow protocols?


4. Which of the new procedures does the school find most challenging?


5. Who is responsible for communication of COVID-19 protocols to parents?


6. How has the communication been executed? Please check all that apply.


7. Has Covid-19 affected the costs of operating your service?


8. What would you say has been the biggest impact on operations of the transport service? (Please rank in order of relevance)


9. Is there a plan agreed with your operator on how to handle a school only closure due to confirmed Covid-19 cases?


Please enter location (city, country) and name of school or organization.

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