Shareholder Agreement Survey


1. Shareholder Agreements

If you are a shareholder in a UK registered limited company please take and share this 2mn anonymous survey. It is about a problem affecting companies that is being overlooked by many of those who advise and guide people in running a business under a limited company.

Once completed you will be given a link to more information.

The survey is anonymous. However if you wish you may leave your name and email address with us once the survey has been completed. If you do, then:-

* You will be entitled to a 20mn free of charge telephone call with our senior shareholder mediator, Graham Ross, who will give some initial advice and guidance, plus;


(If you are neither a shareholder nor a director in a UK limited company then the survey will come to an end)

This survey is provided by Boardroom Resolve


1. Are you a shareholder and/or director of a UK registered limited company? *