Sustainable Management of Critical Materials V2

   Sustainable Management of Critical Materials

Survey aim: to gather information about which critical material resources are already available.
We aim to compile all resources in a new open website, find gaps, and set-up new education solutions. 

As a thank you, upon completion of the survey you will receive a free sustainability case study, part of the recently-published Sustainable Development Active-Learning Tool Kit. Developed with feedback from more than 200 academics from around the world, the toolkit is a set of templates, handouts and exercises to support teaching sustainability to multidisciplinary groups of students.

The results of this survey will be shared amongst all participants. 

About Sus Crit Mat
It is an EU-funded project which seeks to promote the link between the optimal use of primary and secondary material resources, supporting a new generation of skilled people entering industry, universities and research.


Privacy and use of data
The information you provide will be shared with the partners of the project. You can see a list here: . We will use it to make sure that what we are working on is useful. We will also summarise the information we get on data, courses and teaching resources and publish that on our website. We will not publish your contact details and will annonymize any comments you give.

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