TheCityUK Recapitalisation Survey


TheCityUK Recapitalisation Survey

The Covid-19 global pandemic has placed immense stress on UK businesses of all sizes and across all sectors. Estimates suggest that UK businesses may face between £97bn to £107bn of unsustainable debt by March 2021, of which around half will sit with SMEs, which could potentially threaten the viability and growth of UK businesses.
TheCityUK is a body representing UK-based financial and related professional services. In response to these concerns, and with the encouragement of the Bank of England, we have brought together members and other stakeholders to form a Recapitalisation Group (RCG) to help consider new financial tools that can be used to help businesses manage their debt and support growth.
We have just released an interim update on our work ( and would like to further engage with potential users of our tools. We should be most grateful if you were able to respond to this short survey to help inform our recommendations.

You have been invited to participate in this survey by an organisation which is working with TheCityUK Recapitalisation Group, and which you are a member of (or with which you have engaged). If you have any questions about why you have been invited to participate, please approach the organisation that sent you your survey invitation.

UK Finance is co-ordinating this survey on behalf of the TCUK Recapitalisation Group.

All responses to this survey are completely anonymous. All information collected will always be handled confidentially. We will not make any personal information available to anyone without your knowledge and consent. The information gathered will be used solely for the purpose of this research and no sales calls will result from this interview. Your individual responses to this survey will not be reported separately, but only as part of aggregated results reflecting the views of all respondents. The UK Finance privacy policy can be found here.

Please may we ask for your completed response by Friday 19th June. The survey should take not more than 10 minutes to complete.