Professional Electrician Reader Survey 2019

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1. What would best describe your job role? *


2. How old are you? *


3. How many people are in your company? *


4. Which trade body or CPS provider are you a member of? (tick all that apply) *


5. What kind of electrical work do you regularly undertake? (tick all that apply) *


6. Are you responsible for product/material purchasing decisions? *


7. How often do you visit an electrical wholesaler? *


8. What is your preferred electrical wholesaler (#1 being your favourite) *

Rexel/WF/Newey & Eyre
Electric Centre
Electric Base

9. What is the key influencing factor in your choice of electrical wholesaler? *


10. What is the key influencing factor in your choice of products and tools? *


11. Which of the following areas of work do you undertake? (tick all that apply) *


12. Where do you find technical advice? (tick all that apply) *


13. Where do you find information about the latest products? (tick all that apply) *


14. How long have you been reading Professional Electrician & Installer? *


15. How many people also read your copy of Professional Electrician & Installer? *


16. What is the main reason you read Professional Electrician & Installer? *


17. What is your favourite section of Professional Electrician & Installer? *


18. Which products are you most interested in reading about? (tick all that apply) *


19. How do you find out more information about the products you see in Professional Electrician & Installer? (tick all that apply) *


20. Have you ever recommended or purchased a product from a wholesaler after reading about it via Professional Electrician & Installer? *


21. Which of these monthly magazines do you regularly receive? (tick all that apply) *


22. Please rank your top two industry publications (#1 being your favourite) *

Professional Electrician & Installer
Connections (NICEIC/ELECSA)
Competent Person (NAPIT)
ECA Today (ECA)
Installer Newsletter (Stroma)
Electrical Contracting News
Electrical Times
Electrical Review
Electrical Trade Magazine

23. Do you notice and stop at the adverts when reading Professional Electrician & Installer? *


24. If yes, do they encourage you to find out more about the products and suppliers? *


25. From a business point-of-view, what do you use the internet for? (tick all that apply) *


26. Which of the following social media platforms do you regularly use? (tick all that apply) *


27. How often do you visit the Professional Electrician & Installer website ( *


28. Please comment on what it is that you like about Professional Electrician & Installer magazine:


29. If there are any areas of Professional Electrician & Installer's content that could be introduced or improved then please suggest below:


30. Your details *


31. I am happy for my details to be entered into the Professional Electrician & Installer reader survey draw to win a pair of Lithe Audio Bluetooth Wireless 6.5" Ceiling Speakers *