Your Data: Your Rights

You have certain rights over how we use your data. We have designed this form to make it easy for you to exercise your rights and for us to gather the information we need to deal with your request.  

Please note that due to high volumes of requests, we may take up to thirty-days to ninety-days to process from validation of the request as prescribed by law (although we do hope to close such requests much sooner than the law prescribes!)
Our goal is always to get back to you as soon as possible.
Section A: Your details

Please provide the name and email address you have used when dealing with us. If you have multiple accounts using different email addresses please submit multiple requests.

Name: *


Email: *


Section B: Details of your request


I want my data erased.

You can request that we erase your personal data although we may not always be able to comply with your request (for example where we have a legal obligation to retain your data).  We will assess your request carefully, delete any data we no longer need and let you know if we are unable to delete your data. 


I want my data restricted.

You can request that we restrict the use of your data. If we do restrict your data it may mean you will be unable to use our services.


I want access to my data.

You are entitled to request a copy of your data. 

We will provide your data electronically as a word document, PDF or similar. If you would like printed copies posted to you please let us know.

You are also entitled to receive any personal data you have provided to us in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format.  


I object to your use of my data.

You have a right to object to certain uses of data. Some of these rights we must comply with (e.g. direct marketing including any profiling associated with that marketing) others we will only be able to satisfy where we do not have an overriding reason to continue to process your data.

I wish to object to the use of my data for (please tick all boxes that apply):

I want my data corrected:

If you believe your data is inaccurate, firstly please log in to your "My Account" page on the website to make changes to your information.

If you are unable to make the correction, please get in touch with customer services via the link on the site.
Section C: Proof of your identity
To ensure we only make changes to our customers’ personal data where they have requested it, we need to verify your identity, so please send an email to with the subject "Email Verification" from the email address linked to your account.

Please note that to protect our customers, we cannot undertake a request without this proof of identity.