Survey about Behaviour November 2019


1. About this Survey
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Lots of families have been contacting PCAN looking for help with managing the behaviour of their child or children with additional needs. As a result, PCAN is conducting this survey to get more information about the behaviours your child displays (which you don’t understand, find challenging or hard to manage) and about what help you have managed to access (or not). We will be using the findings from this survey to provide evidence to Kirklees Council of the prevalence of these behaviours, the impact they have on families and the young people themselves, and the type of help and support that families, parents and carers would like to see. Some of the questions are quite specific about types of behaviour. We understand that your child is using behaviours to show that they may be distressed, frustrated, anxious, in pain and so on, and you may feel anxious about listing them. The survey is not about judging you or your child, but about getting a picture of what families are facing so that appropriate support can be provided. Kirklees Council is committed to improving support to families. Please take the time to complete this survey and add plenty of comments or feedback; we have tried it out and depending on how much you write it will take about 20 minutes. We hope that evidence from the survey will lead to an improvement in support available to families in the near future. Privacy: information you share on this survey is anonymous. Please don’t mention family members by name if you add comments or further information on any of the questions.   If you have more than one child with additional needs who displays hard to manage behaviour, please complete a further survey if their needs are very different.  Thank you!