The dipping of sheep plays an important part in the control of sheep scab and other parasites in Wales. But if not handled and disposed of appropriately poses a risk of pollution to the environment.

You should make sure that any area you use for disposal of waste sheep dip will not affect groundwater, surface water or conservation areas.

We have a statutory responsibility to protect the environment as well as ensuring that activities are permitted in accordance with the relevant legislation. The limits for the disposal of waste sheep dip to land in Wales are:
  • only producers of waste sheep dip can dispose of it to land. This would either be the farmer who dips his own sheep, or a mobile sheep dip contractor who visits different farms to dip. It does not include companies who might receive waste dip from farms via the farmer or mobile dip contractor
  •  the total volume of working strength used dip disposed of to land per annum is 5 cubic metres or less. This is the volume prior to any dilution with slurry or water to facilitate spreading onto land
  • the total area is authorised for use not more than once a year; or any individual plots within this wider area are authorised for use no more than once per year
  •  a maximum of 3 disposals per annum takes place across the wider site/ farm holding
  • the land must be in general agricultural use.  Land which is utilised for disposal purposes only would be considered a landfill
  •  the area of land available must be sufficient so that the spreading of used dip can be kept to a safe minimum
We will not be able to accept applications from customers who cannot meet these requirements.  Any applications received will not be duly made and will be returned to the applicant. Applicants who cannot meet these requirements should use a registered waste carrier to collect the used sheep dip for disposal at a waste treatment facility.

If the form you send in is not complete there may be a delay in making a decision on your application or, in some cases, we may refuse it.